Delaware Bass Anglers

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2019 TEAM Series Format and Rules


            To improve our skills as bass anglers through a fellowship of friendly exchange of expert bass-catching techniques and ideas, and to promote and encourage youth and family fishing, and a love for this recreation. To support our state conservation department efforts and to report problems and concerns to the proper authorities.




 1) The Series shall maintain at least 5 Teams not exceeding 10 Teams.

 2) All interested Anglers and teams are welcome. No club vote in needed, just need to be open and friendly with other club members.

 3 No boater is required to host another member or guest unless they choose  

 4) At least one Team member must be at least 18 years of age. Members under the age of 18 will not be permitted to fish alone.

5) All members/Teams must be current with Dues of $100.00 per year. Payable at the March Meet & Greet Meeting.

6) Members/teams should maintain a good attitude towards other members and respect their views and interest.

7) Each member/teams will be allowed (2) invited guest during the calendar year if an original member is unable to make a tournament. After 2 tournaments members must fish the team event alone and represent the team. The 2 tournaments with a guest count towards TEAM AOY points.

( see guest rules under "Tournament Section" )





1)  The Tournament schedule will be drafted in January and posted on the clubs web site no later then February 1st.


2) Tournaments will last 5 1/2 hours from the scheduled starting time. River tournaments will last for 6 hours.


3) Teams will fish for a 3 bass limit per team. All Bass must be caught before the Tournaments completion time.


4) The club will use the following Point system for awarding Points at each Tournament. ( Team weighing Living Lunker will receive 5 bonus points ) Lunker MUST be returned to the pond safely to earn the 5 bonus points! DEAD LUNKER = ZERO BONUS POINTS

                        1st Place = 100              7th. Place = 70                                     

                        2nd. Place = 95           8th. Place = 65                                     

                        3rd. Place = 90            9th. Place = 60             

                        4th. Place = 85            10th. Place = 55                       

                        5th. Place = 80            No Bass = 50           

                        6th. Place = 75             Lunker = 5              




5) There will be an ( 4oz.) weight lost for weighing in ( 1 )  dead bass. Team will lose ( 8oz.) for each dead bass weighed in if weighing in ( 2 ) dead bass. Weighing in 3 dead bass will result in the Team earning only 55 points for the event. The Team will receive placement points based on the reduce weigh loss penalty. No Culling of DEAD bass!!!!


6) A predetermined cash prize will be awarded to the Team "weighing-in" the heaviest bass limit not to exceed  3 bass. All Cash Prizes will be issued after the Tournaments weigh-in and Trophies will be awarded at the annual awards luncheon.


7) The first boat on location at the boat ramp has the right of way, others should stay at least 25 feet away for safety purposes.


8) No alcohol or drugs are allowed during Tournaments while on the water fishing. Alcohol is permit once teams are off the water and during the weigh in. No Drugs Period.


9) No live bait is permitted during tournaments.


10) All angling must be done from boats, however, members/teams can shore their boats for temporary reason as using the bathroom, feeling ill, or for safety reasons. Once you decide to end your tournament, your bass can be given to another team for weighing in. No fishing from shore, dock or ramp, period!  Or you will only receive show points for the event.


11) Landing nets are permitted. ( for the safety of fish )


12) There will be 12 Tournaments held during the year, only a teams best 10 Tournaments count towards total points earned for the season. The extra Tournaments are tossed out and zero points are earned from them.  Tournaments will be from April to September. All Teams in good standing are invited to the 2019 Classic.


13) Tournament cancellation will be determined by the Series Chairperson, depending on weather or other issues, and any tournament being cancelled prior to starting will "NOT" be rescheduled. However, once a Tournament has started but due to weather or any emergency determined by the Series Chairperson, and is cancelled anytime after the start, the tournament will count as a “ FULL” Tournament and any bass weighed in will count towards placement points even if the Tournament lasted only a few minutes and had to be cancelled.


14) The team with the top 10 tournaments in placement points will determine the " Delaware Bass Anglers" of the year. Other award's will go to 2nd, and 3rd Place Teams, and the Angler weighing in the heaviest bass of the season during any tournament will receive the " Lunker of the Year " award.


15) There is a maximum of only Two people in a boat during any/all Tournaments. ( Dogs are permitted )


16) There must be at least Two boats and Three persons fishing during any Tournament or cancellation of the Tournament will take effect.


17) Each Team is permitted to invite (2) guests to fish during any (2) Tournaments per year. The guest should be in good health and if under 18 years of age is the responsibility of the member they are fishing with. Guest catches count towards total teams final weight for the tournament. Teams hosting a guest MUST report the guest to the tournament Director, weighmaster or Club Chairperson prior to launching their boat and fishing the tournament. Failure to properly report a guest could result in the teams catch being DQ'ed and only show points.


18) Only Members/teams in good standing are permitted to participate in any Tournament.


19) Only one rod and reel is to be fished at one time by each team member. 


20) No prefishing a scheduled Tournament location beginning 12:00am on the Monday prior to the scheduled Saturday tournament. Any angler/team prefishing will result in the entire team being DQ'ed from the scheduled event. 


21) All Tournaments will begin promptly at the selected starting time. All members/team will be responsible for arriving in time for launching and starting. The club will not wait for late arrivals. If you arrive late and prior to fishing your livewell must be checked by any club members closest to you then you can begin fishing.


22) All boats / Members must be at the boat ramp at the completion of a tournament and must be docked or waiting in line to remove their boat from water. Any team failing to be present will forfeit any/all bass caught and will only receive the 50 show-up points for the tournament.


23) No TEAM will have no more than 4 bass in their live well at anytime during a tournament or weigh-in or they will forfeit their entire catch and only receive show points.


24) All bass weighed in must measure a minimum of 12" total length with mouth closed and tail pinched. As long as any part of the tail touches the 12" marker line, the bass will be legal. Any bass not meeting the minimum requirements of 12" in total length will be released immediately and will not count towards a teams limit for weigh-in. 

25) All member/teams should follow both Delaware State and DNREC fishing regulations including maintaining a "No Wake", having proper fishing safety equipment including life jackets, lighting and also boaters registration, etc. Although the Series Chairperson highly recommends being within standards, the Series Chairperson will not police the lack of a teams efforts in maintaining State and DNREC fishing regulations, however, if a Law Enforcement official request regulated items on your vessel and failure to provide proper selected items will be between the member/team and the enforcement agency.